vendredi 11 novembre 2011

Stratos zero 1970/ Modulo 1970

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pigattodesign a dit…

hello, type-01!
unbelievable blogs! (type-01, speedBirds Book and LE CONTAINER!)
so glad that you don't hate skate. (skate art, skate shots, etc)
i would like to invite you to check my portfolio:
love sports car design, too.
hope you like it.
please, answer me.
best wishes!
eduardo pigatto

type-01 a dit…

Thank you Eduardo,
eh man, your work is fantastic!!!, really love it, your graphic work is impressive and for sure we share the same passion for skateboarding, cars and graphic design.
Keep in touch Eduardo and keep on!
(is it OK for you if I put some images of your work on "le container"? let me know...)

pigattodesign a dit…

OK for sure!
many thanks for the attention/consideration!
have a wonderful week.

Unknown a dit…

Hi, what a stunning work! could you send-me this in hd, would love to have a print of these in my garage. congrat's


type-01 a dit…

Hi Rafael, thank you very much! Unfortunatly I won't be able to send you the HD version because I am still planning to use them for a dedicated printed collection. Sorry.