dimanche 24 juin 2012

Speedbirds 1.2 out now!

...with bonus of course!

Spedbirds 1.2 concept part  (Stephane Janin, François Leboine, Yann Jarsallé, Antony Villain)

4 commentaires:

Sterling a dit…

Is the book a mix of english and french, depending on the plane?

Not that this will stop me buying tohe boo, but if a fully english edition is coming out, I would wait.

Thanks for getting the company to bring this book back out. I have coveted the title for years.

type-01 a dit…

Hi Sterling, only french version but few text so don't worry!

Samir Sadikhov a dit…

I bought it... Just awesome. very inspirational) looking forward for the next one)

type-01 a dit…

Thank you Samir!!!